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Swindon Based classic and modified vehicle specialist 

As you are visiting this page, you may have 
received one of our cards, or been referred by a friend. However you found us, you'll be glad you did. We are here for all your automotive requirements, from a Bulb to a rebuild. 

We are competent on working on all brands of cars, while also using specialist skills and knowledge think outside the box to help complete your project, or simply maintain an existing vehicle.

Times are tight, we get that, but scrimping on routine maintenance Will cost more in the long run. If you have skipped a service, then how do you know that all your safety systems are working fully?
At Ashs Autos, we do not fit parts without prior approval from the person paying the bill. There are also occasions where parts can be adjusted, cleaned or refurbished in house, in these instances, you will also be contacted. 

Your car was built on the same production line as thousands of identical siblings, let your creativity run wild and come talk to us. Whether you just want a distinctive aerial to help find your car, or a full blown race replica, we look forward to helping create your ideal vehicle. 
Let us share your ideas and we will use our experience to make them happen!

Cars and all machines, are expected to last a certain amount of time (these days as little as a few years). We specialise in bringing vehicles back to their best. 

Why we stand out from the rest:

  • Up to date Diagnostic services
  • Classic car knowledge
  • Independently owned and operated
  • Classic and Modifying Specialist

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