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Swindon based motorbike repair, maintenence, repair and modification. 
A full range of motorcycle repair services and accident management services based in Swindon, Wiltshire. 

Welcome To ASH's AUTO's

Swindon's freshest motorbike garage offering servicing, repairs, maintenance, modification and accident management.

As you are visiting this page, you may have 
received one of our cards, or been referred by a friend. However you found us, you'll be glad you did. We are here for all your motorbike requirements, from a Bulb to a rebuild. 

We have experience working on all makes and types of bikes using specialist equipment and working closely with our customers, this makes us one of the top bike garages in the area!

Times are tight, we get that, but scrimping on routine maintenance Will cost more in the long run.
As part of our routine maintenance we check all systems on the bike, regularly spotting a fault before it causes collateral damage. 

Your bike was built on the same production line as thousands of identical siblings, let your creativity run wild and come talk to us. Whether you just want a distinctive screen, or a full custom build Ashs Autos are the people to call. 
Let us share your ideas and we will use our experience to make them happen!

Sometimes a part will wear out, or just randomly fail. Ashs Autos have years of experience finding and fixing faults to get you back on the road.

Accident Management
Sometimes even the best riders can have an incident through no fault of their own. Ashs Autos are in partnership with Mcams Accident management. From repairs to injury claims we can soften the blow, and because this service does not involve your insurance, next years premium wont go up because of a claim. 

Why we stand out from the rest:

  • We give the personal touch.

  • Knowledge and experience working on all makes.

  • Independently owned and operated

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