We offer many services from the mundane to the mad ones. For smaller jobs, why spend your free time fixing your bike rather than riding it? Some of our popular services include:
- Basic service: A bit of routine care for your machine, a simple oil and filter change alongside a detailed check over including tyre pressures and a chain clean and adjust if required, prices from as little as £50
- Medium Service: A little more in depth than the basic service and including items such as spark plugs and air filters, as well as a multi point check, tyre pressures, chain clean and adjust.
- In depth Service: The service most people get nervous about is nothing to worry about, it may include items such as valve clearance checks and coolant/ brake fluid flushes.

Don't know which one to choose? we reccomend following the service book for your bike, or we can usually check for you on our in house systems. 
We can stamp service books where available and every workshop item receives a complementary quick detail. 

Brake work:
Brakes wear out with use so its worth checking their condition regularly. Our routine inspections as part of the service include brakes and tyres, or we can usually check them without appointment. From replacement brake pads, rebuilding calipers to a fully upgraded brake system we can complete the work for you.

Suspension work
A bikes suspension takes a beating on todays roads, common work includes fork seals and linkages, but replacement bearings are run of the mill to our workshop too.

Drivetrain work
The drive train on a bike does a lot of work, why not let Ashs Autos check the condition of many components, and when the time comes, replace them if needed. from an oil change on a shaft driven final drive, or a budget chain kit to an oversize sprocket and coloured chain we can look after you.

Engine work. 

Many mechanics shy away from in depth work on motorbike engines. Ashs Autos are ready for in depth jobs with local contacts for specialist machining operations. 

Snapped bolts
Sometimes a bolt lets you down with half of it left where you didnt want it, with a variety or solutions (including MIG) Ashs Autos can get that stubborn blighter out!

Electrical work
Ashs Autos are equipped with many diagnostic tools and years of experience to find even the most troublesome electrical faults. We are also able to fit equipment such as heated grips or additional lighting. 

Welding work
We have many years experience in welding and offer both repair to original parts or creation of custom parts in house with prices starting from just £50 per hour. We also work closely with local, specialist companies who can complete bespoke welding such as TIG and Brazing. 

Accident management services.
Its not a topic that any biker wants to think about, but Ashs Autos work closely with Mcams Accident Management services (title sponser for the Yamaha BSB team).
In a nutshell, these are a range of services that kick in should you have a non fault accident*, they work INSTEAD of your insurance to make sure that you get the best possible outcome. From a 'knock over' in a car park to a SMIDSY at speed, Mcams have your best interests at heart.  

For anything we haven't mentioned just get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

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